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Doctor Who Confidential ~The Wedding of River Song.


06x13 | 07x05

#I can’t take these scenes. #Steven Moffat is a mental murderer. #His writing is so emotionally subtle that the most meaningful things are hidden in contrasting devastation.

#I mean look at these moments between The Doctor and River, they have fought coalitions of Daleks, Cybermen, & Sontarans- have restarted the universe, broken time itself, and yet when confronted with each other’s love, with sentiment, they can’t stand it! River outdoes herself with the beacon to tell him how much he’s valued, and The Doctor gives up the essence of his life to show her how much she’s worth- and instead of being grateful they’re ashamed of one another. #Because they are exposed to the others sacrifice. #It must be a terrifying thing, a humiliating and embarrassing thing to find out that the greatest danger isn’t a Dalek or The Master, but their love for each other and how helpless and vulnerable that truly makes them

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Also known as the scene where Moffat forgot he was writing Doctor Who and not Sherlock.



what if like

the Doctor destroys River’s hat in series 7 as revenge for his hats

but then it turns out that this is a younger River who doesn’t hate the Doctor’s hats at all

but now she does because he killed hers

The only show where crazy theories like this might actually be canon.

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 #GIVE ME TIME BABIES OR GIVE ME DEATH (via irememberiloveyou)

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ain't lost, just wandering

Ain't lost, just wandering

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